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General terms and conditions

Distributor and contracting party

The responsible distributor and contracting party for the Subaru Merchandise products on this website is Exakta Profile AB, CRN 556713-5933.

When products are ordered from this website, a contract is considered to exist once Exakta Profile AB confirms to the Purchaser by e-mail or similar means that the Purchaser's order has been accepted.


Printing errors

Exakta Profile AB is not liable for any printing errors, incorrect information or inaccurate product specifications. Product images may be used for illustrative purposes and do not necessarily correspond to the actual product's appearance and features.


Force Majeure

Neither party shall be responsible for failure to fulfil certain obligations hereunder to the extent that this results from circumstances or events which prevent or delay the performance of obligations or render performance more difficult. Such circumstances or events shall include, but are not limited to, government action or inaction, new or amended legislation, strikes, fires, floods and major accidents.

A party claiming to be prevented from the performance of any of its obligations by reason of Force Majeure as above shall notify the other party without delay.


Limitation of liability

Exakta Profile AB is not liable, under any circumstances, to pay compensation to the Purchaser for errors, defects or malfunctions in the e-shop/distribution, by less than those caused as a result of gross negligence on the part of Exakta Profile AB. Damages do not include, in any circumstance, compensation for indirect loss or damage to the business of the Purchaser.



Exakta Profile AB reserves the right to make changes to the General Terms and Conditions if and when it seems appropriate to do so, provided this can be done without causing substantial difficulties for the Purchaser.